Air Pollution Control, Steam from Stack

Air Pollution & Odor Control

IDT Systems provides complete electrical and electrical control design services to our clients in the Air Pollution Control industry, with over 250 installations in North America alone; in addition to a number overseas as well as Central and South America. These include traditional Single and Multi-Compartment Dust Collection and Emissions Control Systems, Wet and Dry Scrubbers, Lime Slaking Systems, Sorbent Injection Systems, PAC Injection System, and Spray Dryer Absorbers (SDA).

We also provide integrated control systems for use in Odor Abatement Systems, using Bio Technologies for the removal of odorous air in Industrial and Municipal applications, we have an installed base of over 100 systems with air flows between 1000 and 500,000 cfm.

Assembly Line with Control Terminal


IDT Systems has provided a multitude of control systems for a number of manufacturing industries, including 1st and 2nd tier Automotive, Tube Bending Machines for brake lines, Steel Rod Forming for headrests, Spot Welders and Cinch-Nut Insertion stations, Gypsum Board production, ROTO forming lines for the production of Sulfur Pastilles, ROTO forming for production of Plastic Sheeting and Pastilles, Steel Belt Cooling Systems, Industrial Vacuum Systems, Large Milling Systems for Plastics and Milling of Hydrated Lime for use in the Energy Sector.

Water Treatment Facility

Water Treatment

Specializing in the design and supply of On-site Waste Management System controls for a number of local OEM's, using numerous technologies including bio-filtration. We have experience in the Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems, at both the industrial and municipal levels. Beverage water purification systems, integrating such technologies as Acid, Caustic and Polymer Injection, Anions, Cations, Multi Media Filters, Sand Filters, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, Carbon Towers and Polishers. and High Purity Water applications in both the Medical and Chip Manufacturing industries.

Clean Manufacturing Environment

Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical

IDT Systems has provided a large number of automated control systems and control panels to our OEM clients in these industries over the last 15 years. Systems ranging from Clean in Place (CIP) Systems, Beverage water purification systems, palletizers, de-palletizers, and conveying systems.  We also provide Pharmaceutical Grade Systems from General purpose to Hazardous production areas, these include Tablet bottle filling machines and 316 Stainless Steel X-Purged Class 1, Div 1, Control Systems for Mills, Pulverizes and Emulsification systems.

Oil Refinery

Oil & gas

IDT Systems through our OEM partners have designed and supplied flame proof and purged control panels to many different refineries and other hazardous area locations. Systems include ROTO Forming Machines for Sulfur Pastille Production, Plastic Sheeting Production, Steel Belt Cooling Systems, Transformer Oil Regeneration Systems, High Vacuum Degasifiers and Dechlorination systems.

Electrical Control Panel on Job Site

General Control Systems

With our vast industrial and process system experience, we are capable of designing, building and commissioning any of your control systems needs.  Pumping Stations, On-Site Waste Management, Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems, Air Pollution Control, Odor Control, Scrubbers, Baghouses, Ovens, Steel Belt Coolers, Sorbent Injection Systems, Dilute and Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying systems, Milling Systems, Automated Cranes, and many others.